10 Steps to Maximize Company Value with Salesforce

Salesforce, a customer relationship solution that brings companies and customers together, offers effective and integrated solutions for businesses aiming beyond the standards. With its integrated CRM platform providing a unified and comprehensive view of each customer, including marketing data, sales processes, and post-sales services, Salesforce makes it possible to maximize company value!

Maximizing Company Value with Salesforce

As digital technology advances and transforms at an ever-increasing pace, the understanding of customer management has also changed. Furthermore, significant innovations have occurred in marketing dynamics, sales, and post-sales services. Amidst these changes, over 150,000 businesses worldwide that seek to adapt to these transformations quickly and automatically are choosing Salesforce CRM solutions.

Being the pioneer of the first artificial intelligence (AI) development integrated into CRM, the world's #1 CRM software, Salesforce, offers the possibility of maximizing company value. Here are 10 fundamental Salesforce advantages that enhance company value!

Digital Transformation Planning

Multi-Channel Management


Personalized Data

Community Management

Effective Customer Services


Sustainable Sales Management

Artificial Intelligence

Analysis and Reporting

1. Digital Transformation Planning

With Salesforce, which has been ranked #1 by IDC for four consecutive years, you can execute your business's digital transformation planning. Thanks to Salesforce, the first mobile CRM, you can manage and improve actions such as customer tracking, sales efficiency, sales analysis and reporting, improving customer service, team management, team-oriented data sharing, and much more.

2. Multi-Channel Management

With evolving marketing strategies, your employees who need to be active on multiple channels simultaneously can acquire multi-channel management capabilities through Salesforce. You can track data from multiple channels using Salesforce CRM software, unify the data in a single location for consistency, and focus employees on a single point against messages from multiple channels.

3. Automation

With Salesforce, which has been consistently placed as a "Leader" in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the SFA (Sales Force Automation) category for 15 consecutive times, you can automate manual tasks and save time. By automating intricate sales processes with Salesforce Sales Cloud's cloud-based platform, you can provide your sales teams with more time to interact with new customers. Additionally, Salesforce B2C Marketing Automation allows you to manage customer experiences with automated scenarios.

4. Personalized Data

As consumer behaviors evolve with digitization, the importance of customer management has also increased. With Salesforce Data Cloud, which is powered by real-time data, you can personalize customer data and achieve the privilege of delivering the right messages at the right time.

5. Community Management

In today's business landscape, digital solutions are key to managing customer relations and enhancing customer experiences. Salesforce's Experience Cloud comes into play here. The Experience Cloud offers advanced tools to customize customer experiences, boost brand loyalty, and empower communities.

6. Effective Customer Services

To enhance customer relations and increase operational efficiency, it's essential to bridge the gap between call center and field teams. With Salesforce Service Cloud, you can facilitate effective customer service by sharing accurate information, automate business processes, maximize company value, and increase customer satisfaction by 37%.

7. Integration

Digitalizing business processes is no longer a luxury; it's a fundamental responsibility of every company. With digitalization becoming essential, integrating and concurrently managing various platforms has gained importance. This is where Salesforce's MuleSoft integration platform comes into play. MuleSoft offers powerful tools to seamlessly manage data and workflows between different systems, connect applications, and facilitate data sharing.

8. Sustainable Sales

Automating processes related to sales, a fundamental motivation for businesses, can increase transformation. With Salesforce Sales Cloud, which makes this journey intelligent, you can adapt to the dynamics of technology. By directly accessing insights from social media channels connected to Salesforce, you can monitor and predict sales team estimations in real time.

9. Artificial Intelligence

In the digital era's business landscape, interpreting data, optimizing workflows, and making smarter decisions have become increasingly critical. Salesforce Einstein is an AI platform designed to address this challenge and empower businesses to enhance customer experiences by using data more intelligently. This innovative platform integrates a layer of artificial intelligence that can learn, predict, and perform automated actions into business processes, providing companies with insights by presenting future trends in areas such as customer behavior, sales, and marketing.

10. Analysis and Reporting

Analysis and reporting, which make business processes measurable, constitute the foundation of strategic management. To bring a new dimension to data analysis and make the most of the data collected, you can benefit from Tableau, a visualization and analysis tool. This user-focused tool, which assists in faster insight discovery through machine learning, statistics, natural language, and smart data preparation, enables limitless visual data exploration without requiring programming knowledge.

Salesforce, the world's #1 CRM software, offers solutions that not only cover a wide range but also transform into significant advantages to maximize company value. From "Digital Transformation Planning" to "Analysis and Reporting," structuring, sustaining, and implementing business processes with these 10 Salesforce advantages are



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