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Salesforce’Un B2B Pazarlama Çözümleriyle Verimliliği Arttırın

Increase Efficiency with Salesforce's B2B Marketing Solutions

Elevate your business with Salesforce B2B marketing and e-commerce solutions! Discover powerful tools that enhance customer satisfaction and boost sales.

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Üretim Sektöründe AI Ile Data Stratejisi

Data Strategy with AI in the Manufacturing Sector

Data strategy with AI in the manufacturing sector: Increase efficiency, reduce costs, and gain a competitive advantage. Discover the future of manufacturing processes today.

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Girişim Ve Kobilere Özel Slack Çözümleri Ile Büyüyün

Grow with Slack Solutions for Startups and SMEs

Grow with Slack solutions for SMEs and entrepreneurs. Strengthen communication, increase productivity, and manage your business processes more effectively.

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CRM Nedir, Şirketiniz Için Neden Önemli

What is CRM and Why is it Important for Your Company?

What is CRM and why is it important for your company? Discover the benefits of CRM, strengthen customer relationships, and increase your business efficiency.

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Data Ile İyileştirilen Müşteri Hizmetleri 446X269px

Customer Service Enhanced with Data

Customer service operations are the heart and brain of the service businesses provide to their customers. Tasks such as answering calls, resolving issues, and ensuring customer satisfaction directly impact a business's success. However, the effectiveness and efficiency of these operations can be limited if they are not based on accurate data.

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Start Uplar İçin Data, Yapay Zeka Ve CRM 446X269px

Data, Artificial Intelligence, and CRM for Start-ups

Platforms like Salesforce offer numerous opportunities in these fundamental areas for startups.

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IT Ve Pazarlama Neden Birlikte Çalışmalı 446X269px

Why Marketing and IT Should Collaborate?

Salesforce provides several important ways to encourage better collaboration between Marketing and IT teams and deliver customer service enhanced with data.

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Customer Data Platform Ile Başarıya Ulaşmanın 4 Adımı 446X269px

4 Steps to Success with Customer Data Platform

The Customer Data Platform (CDP) has become a vital tool in today's business world, forming the foundation of customer-centricity and data management strategies.

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Yapay Zeka Çağında Verinin Gerçek Potansiyeli 446X269px

The Real Potential of Data in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Verified, high-quality data has become not only important for daily reporting but also a critical element in unleashing the power of technologies like artificial intelligence (AI).

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Otomasyon Ve Entegrasyon 446X269px

Increasing Operational Efficiency with Automation and Integration Solutions

Salesforce offers various cloud solutions that provide businesses with a powerful toolkit to enhance operational efficiency and gain a competitive edge.

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3 Adımda Müşteri Hizmetlerinizi İyileştirin 446X269px

Improve Your Customer Service in 3 Steps

Customer service operations encompass everything a company does to assist customers. The key to increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty, boosting revenue, and reducing costs lies in the right strategies and data-driven operations.

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Çalışan Verimliliğini Etkin Bir Şekilde Ölçmek Ve Artırmak 446X269px

Effectively Measuring and Increasing Employee Productivity

Collaboration tools like Slack, which became among the most frequently used applications during times of remote work, provide a powerful platform for measuring and increasing workforce productivity.

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Satış Ekiplerinizin Gücünü Arttırın 446X269px

Boost Your Sales Team's Power with Slack

The integration of Slack and Salesforce presents an incredible opportunity to accelerate your sales processes and enhance productivity for your business's sales team.

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Müşteri Deneyimi Nedir 446X269px

What is Customer Experience and How Can It Be Improved?

In today's business world, the concept of "customer experience" is heard everywhere. However, truly understanding what it means has not always been easy.

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Yapay Zeka Tahminleri 446X269px

2024 Artificial Intelligence Predictions

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology, although a subject debated in technical circles for years, was marked as a year that captured the attention and imagination of the mainstream in 2023.

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Satış Süreçlerini Geliştirin 446X269

Improve Your Sales Processes

Rapid evolution in technology is causing the business world to become more competitive and data-focused.

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Dijital Dönüşümün Öne Çıkanları 446X269px

Highlights of 2024 in Digital Transformation

The "Connectivity Benchmark Report" by Mulesoft, an integration platform critical for linking and managing data flows and application programming interfaces (APIs) in complex business structures, outlines the main trends of this changing landscape and sheds light on the future of digital transformation.

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Yapay Zeka Sözlüğü 446X269

Artificial Intelligence Glossary for Business

With the rapid changes in the technology world, the business sector continues to explore the impressive power of artificial intelligence. Let's take a look at the determining factors of artificial intelligence in this dynamic world.

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Müşteri Etkileşimlerini Doğru Analiz Edin 446X269

Accurately Analyze Customer Interactions: Strengthen Your Business Strategies

Tracking and interpreting your customers' interactions with your brand is a key factor for success in the modern business world. When accurately analyzed and evaluated, understanding customer interactions contributes to businesses achieving sustainable success.

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Salesforce Türkiye Partner Kofana Digital Yapay Zeka Destekli Satış

Artificial Intelligence and the Business World: Shaping the Future with Salesforce

The evolution of computer technology, along with the processes of miniaturization and intelligence, has brought about transformations in the business world.

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Adsız Tasarım (30)

Techforce Türkiye is Live!

The Salesforce Techforce Turkey podcast series explores the stories behind Turkish entrepreneurs, startups, and leading companies.

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CDP Nedir 446X269px

What is Customer Data Platform?

Customer Data Platform addresses marketing data needs and personalization, providing essential solutions. Learn from leaders with Kofana Digital.

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Çalışanlarınızı Dijital Dünyaya Adapte Edin 446X269px

Adapt Your Employees to the Digital World

Salesforce has engaged with experts and conducted comprehensive research to provide a global perspective on digital skills.

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Yılbaşı 446X269px

Creating Effective Customer Campaigns During the New Year Period

The New Year shopping season is rapidly approaching, and as marketers prepare for these celebrations, the focus is on rewarding customer loyalty through personalized campaigns.

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Yapay Zeka Destekli Satış

AI-Powered Sales: The Key to Efficiency for Businesses

Let's take a closer look at the advantages offered by Salesforce's AI capabilities, which we leverage at Kofana Digital during this transformative process.

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F1 (1)

A Story of Customer Loyalty in the Automotive Sector: Salesforce & Formula 1

If you're curious about the partnership story between McLaren F1 and the global CRM leader Salesforce in terms of customer loyalty, then this content is just for you.

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Dijital Müşteri Deneyimi 446X269px

The Rise of Digital Customer Experience

Salesforce provides a comprehensive view of how customer behaviors and expectations in the business world are evolving through its annual "State of the Connected Customer" report.

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Tableau Ve Bulut Tabanlı İş Zekası

Tableau and Cloud-Based Business Intelligence

Integration of artificial intelligence, Tableau, and cloud-based business intelligence offers a faster, more flexible, and secure analytical experience for businesses

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İş Süreçlerinizi Akıllı Hale Getirin

Make Your Business Processes Smart: Mulesoft Powerful Integration Solution

Mulesoft integration solutions stand out as a powerful ally in making your business processes intelligent.

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TikTok & Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration

In a joint statement in the first week of November, Salesforce and TikTok announced a new feature that will help businesses turn interested audiences into high-value customers: lead generation integration for Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

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Geleceğin Anahtarı

Discover the Future with Salesforce Einstein

Join us at Kofana Digital to explore the advantages offered by Salesforce Einstein and take your business into the future!

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Pazarlama Otomasyonu (1)

Marketing Automation 101

A research study in this regard shows that 56% of customers prefer personalized offers. Moreover, this percentage has increased by 4% since 2020.

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PMI 446 269Px

Advantages of Slack for Sales Teams

Sales can be a fundamental element for a business's growth and success. However, sales teams often consist of members located in different places and it's crucial for them to maintain constant communication.

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Dijital Transformasyonu Hızlandırmak Için 5 Adım (1)

Accelerating Digital Transformation in 5 Steps

We have compiled the simple steps needed to accelerate your business's digital transformation journey.

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Dijitalleşme Ve Perakende Sektörü (1)

Collaboration of E-commerce with Physical Stores

The retail sector has entered a period of significant transformation with rapidly changing consumer habits and technological advancements.

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Salesforce & AI 446269Px

Salesforce Einstein: Explore the power of Data + AI + CRM

Artificial Intelligence (AI), a term we frequently hear these days, has become an integral part of many aspects of our lives. So, what is artificial intelligence and why are we hearing about it so often? Let's examine it together from the beginning.

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Mulesoft 446269Px

Accelerate Your Transformation with MuleSoft

MuleSoft is a powerful integration platform that plays a critical role in connecting and managing data flow and application programming interfaces (APIs) in complex structures within the business world.

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Tableau 446269Px

Data Analysis with Tableau

Tableau is a leading software in data analysis and visualization. This platform helps users visualize, analyze, and understand large amounts of data quickly and effectively.

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Şirket Değerini Salesforce Ile Arttırmak Mümkün Mü

10 Steps to Maximize Company Value with Salesforce

Salesforce unites companies and customers, offering integrated CRM solutions to maximize company value with a comprehensive view of each customer.

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Creating a Data-Driven Sales Plan with CRM Usage

In any research, business process, sales, communication, advertising or marketing campaign, technical development, or hypothesis generation, the first information required to reach a conclusive result is data. Therefore, data lies at the foundation of every technological and scientific advancement.

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Cybersecurity Tips: Advantages of Storing CRM Data on the Cloud

Cybersecurity, representing the security dimension of digital transformation, refers to safeguarding digital devices, networks, and the data within them from digital threats.

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What is Real-Time Marketing?

Real-time marketing, an emerging concept within the realm of digital branding, is the result of the integrated and simultaneous application of digital marketing and brand management communication. It is a new-generation concept that is part of digital branding and involves leveraging real-time data to deliver the right content and message to the target audience at the right time.

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What Differs Salesforce from its Competitors?

The biggest difference between Salesforce and other competitor CRM platforms is that Salesforce has a broad-range and integrated ecosystem. Providing a 360-degree customer perspective, Salesforce offers its customers an integrated platform that includes sales, service, marketing, trade, data management, reporting, artificial intelligence and more.

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What is Salesforce?

Salesforce has become an indispensable tool in today's business world. In the digitized world, it has become more important to retain existing customers and reach new potential customers.

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What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has become an indispensable part of today’s business world.

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PMI 446 269Px

Being a Customer-Oriented Company

Salesforce is a world-leading institutional cloud computing company. World’s no1 sales and CRM application runs on the social and mobile cloud technology of Salesforce. Thus, organizations work with their business partners and employees at different interaction levels with completely new methods.

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Papillon 446 269Px

What is Customer 360?

Salesforce Customer 360 unifies your sales, service, marketing, commerce and IT teams into one integrated platform. It provides a single shared view of customers, their experience, and their interaction with the brand.

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