What Differs Salesforce from its Competitors?

The biggest difference between Salesforce and other competitor CRM platforms is that Salesforce has a broad-range and integrated ecosystem. Providing a 360-degree customer perspective, Salesforce offers its customers an integrated platform that includes sales, service, marketing, trade, data management, reporting, artificial intelligence and more.

A cloud-based solution, Salesforce allows its users to access their screens from any device or location. Since the data was stored on the cloud, it provides an advantage in terms of security and backup.

Having been nominated as leader for the 15th time in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant report, Salesforce offers its users strong customization and application development abilities. It helps create customized solutions based on the specific needs of organizations by creating tailored work processes, automation and applications. It provides a 360-degree real-time view of the customer with its sales, marketing, trade and other platforms of which analytic and reporting skills are highly advanced, and gives the opportunity to prepare different reporting and workflow screens for all of the operational processes. Therefore, companies can create customized campaigns to secure customer loyalty, and offer a steady and wholistic experience on all online and offline platforms.

Salesforce also has an extensive user community along with its large product range, and this community allows you to gain many abilities while uploading many special applications and add-ins on the App Store AppExchange. AppExchange also allows third-party developers and business partners to offer various solutions on the platform.

Other competitor CRM solutions, of course, might have their own advantages and can be preferred based on the needs of the company. However, the broad-range functionality, integration abilities and large ecosystem of Salesforce are important features that differentiate it from its competitors.


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