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10 Steps to Maximize Company Value with Salesforce

Salesforce unites companies and customers, offering integrated CRM solutions to maximize company value with a comprehensive view of each customer.

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Cybersecurity Tips: Advantages of Storing CRM Data on the Cloud

Cybersecurity, representing the security dimension of digital transformation, refers to safeguarding digital devices, networks, and the data within them from digital threats.

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What is Real-Time Marketing?

Real-time marketing, an emerging concept within the realm of digital branding, is the result of the integrated and simultaneous application of digital marketing and brand management communication. It is a new-generation concept that is part of digital branding and involves leveraging real-time data to deliver the right content and message to the target audience at the right time.

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Our Salesforce Services

Choose Salesforce solutions for your digital transformation and get in touch with your customers through real-time online and offline channels.


Why Kofana?

About Us

We do not only offer Salesforce solutions and product expertise, but we also stand by you in the entire process, from the High-Level Design stage to the smallest detail that can determine the fate of a project.

As Kofana, we believe that we are the best Salesforce business partner in many areas such as Technical Architecture, Security, Infrastructure, Accessibility, Scalability, Integration.

Chart Customer Oriented

With its team of more than 20 years of ERP experience, Kofana Digital focuses on understanding the needs of the consulting brands and offers the correct Salesforce Cloud solutions with its wide product portfolio. With the strategy determined together in the digital transformation journey, the Kofana team plays an active role in the process as a part of the client. The success of customers is considered the success of the company.

Chart Innovation

Innovation is one of the cornerstones of Kofana Digital. Technological developments are closely followed, and innovations in sales, marketing, service and every field supported by Salesforce's products are primarily examined in terms of compliance with current conditions, applicability and efficiency within Kofana. Then, implementations are made to the necessary projects according to the needs, ensuring that each customer receives the most up-to-date service.

Chart Teamwork

Teamwork and cooperation culture are prioritized in Kofana Digital team configuration. With a strong team spirit, ideas are exchanged at every stage and we work together to achieve common goals. At Kofana, keeping the benefit of society and the environment at the maximum level as well as in-company cooperation is considered important and the principle of sustainability is adopted.

“The experienced team of Kofana has become even more experienced at Borusan Otomotiv. They helped us make every process of ours live, and support and realize our current operations. The Kofana team now turned out to be the Borusan Otomativ team.”
― Merve Parmaksızoğlu Borusan Otomotiv
“We wanted to transfer Kofana’s current experiences and their experiences with their customers to our systems. In this context, it was critical for us that their team had sufficient knowledge, provided us instant support, and gave advice while we renovate our processes.”
― Aysel Bilal Kahya QNB eFinans
“The reason why we chose have chosen Kofana was that they understood all of our needs and our organizational structure. Despite our complex business processes, they have always been able to come up with a solution that is simplifying and tailored to our needs. Usually, integration projects of this sort have certain limits but the Kofana team provided us with a service that is outside of the box.”
― Tuğba Düşden Mars Lojistik
“Kofana is a company that we have known as the first Türkiye representative of Salesforce. They always provided full support when we had additional developing requests during our existing processes.”
― Elçin Miras Siemens
“With an efficient project management, we completed a project in a short time, 7 months, which would normally take 18 months to 2 years; and we wrote a success story.”
― Bahadır Kılıç Gittigidiyor
“Before Kofana worked with us, they had already had the experience working with the large companies in Türkiye. Throughout the project, we utilized the experience of Kofana Dijital.”
― Sinan Ercan Akkim

Salesforce, get started now.

As a Salesforce Gold Certified Partner, Kofana offers you the best Salesforce services. We offer digital transformation solutions that will bring you to the perfect level in your sales processes and customer services, whether on the Internet or with your sales staff in the field, and where you can stay in successful and measurable communication at any point in your company's contact with them.

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